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MEXFOSERV® gives the telecommunication market all the passive solution for its internal fiber optic installation.

In 2005 the brand MEXFOSERV was born to provide high quality assemblies to the international market in a record delivery time.

In 2008, the new installation of the assembly plant in Guadalajara were launched with 4 production lines.

Fully meet our customers needs in quality, fair price and delivery time, incurred in a quality management system and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our Commitment

Why us
  • We offer top quality & best lead times in the industry that help our custumers meet their fiber deployment targets enabling them the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • We have a production capacity of more than 197,000 fiber ends per month, which allows us to offer the most complete line of products with the best delivery times.
  • We have the ability to grand the best delivery times in America, in addition to guaranteeing that the raw material used in our products is of the highest quality, ensuring the durability of our products with the best warranty of the market (25 Year Warranty).
  • We know that each project and network is different, so we offer tailored solutions according to the needs of each of our custumers, with an engineering department prepared and ready to work.

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